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Quote Discord. Love is all you need. I am a poem, or i am a pattern, or a race of people whose whose world was swallowed by the sea.'

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You have the option of four different categories that can be set for dailyquotes. General quotes (default), anime quotes, movie quotes, developer quotes! Love is all you need.


Go To The Chatbox And Type The > Symbol, And Hit Space One Time.

After hitting the space bar, type in your message. In case the text is longer than one line, see the method below. You can quote other users on discord using block quotes.

If A Channel Is Set Every Day At 10 Am Utc A Quote Will Be Sent.

Quoting someone on discord comes as a highlighted message. Enter three right arrows (>>>), press space, and paste the message. Another option is to write >>> followed by a space at the start of your message, which will make everything you put in.

If You Are Using Discord On Your Laptop, You Can Easily Quote Any Message Following These Two Steps:

I won’t give up on you… so please don’t give up on me. When you are done, hit enter and send in the message that you have written. Having multiple quotes on discord to quote several people, you would need to end the first quote.

Discord Was Massively Used As A Communication Platform For Playing Multiplayer Video Games.

For that purpose, its features were enough for the gamers as you can voice call other members. It must necessarily fit in one line. First, find the quote you want.

If You Are New To It And Are Not Quite Sure How To Use The Discord Quote Feature, Read Along.

You have the option of five different categories that can be set for dailyquotes. Discord servers( 1) miku.n is a bot for easy browsing🌐 gogoanime link🔗, anime & manga info from myanimelist, anime quiz, quotes, wallpaper🎊 reaction fun ⚡. If you want to instead close the blockquote and add a response, you can either press backspace and delete the blockquote at the start of the current line, or press shift + enter three times.


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